Sunday, December 20, 2009

This are some of the places that I have been to!

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-Casandra Ong

An Experience...

As I have already been taught how to create a blog, I am familiar with the proccedure. Usually, I only use blogs to share with others about my life out of school. This is my first time involving my school in the blog. It is indeed a new experience!

I think that blogging can help students and teachers to communicate even though they are overseas or at home .For example, teachers can post assignments and notes through Blogger for the students and students can hand in their assignments through Blogger.

-Casandra Ong

At That Moment...

When I recieved the letter that confirms my posting to SST, I was overwhelmed with joy. I was indeed thankful and happy that all that hardwork through the yearsof studying had paid off and I was able to be a pioneer at SST.

-Casandra Ong